It must been some 2 years ago that I met the guys from Supply & Advise in their what they called at that time the Pop-Up Store. At that time I was already blown away about how they run a store.
Last Friday I visited Supply & Advise again in their new location and it was far above my expectations. It ain'tstrange that Supply & Advise is named in the top 10 of best stores in the US by GQ.

The store is designed with a sharp eye to detail and use of materials, filled with a curated collection of US, Japanese and British brands, decorated with great props like bikes, an army truck, Buddy Lee's and Navy memorabilia. and last but not least the staff is the most friendly and well informed I ever met. Thanks guys for a great experience. Like Arnold; "says I'll be back!"

Supply & Advise
223 SE 1st ST
Miami, FL 33131




Beams+ confirms every season again that Japanese brands are doing preppy style at the best. 
They do it in a fresh, modern way without being boring. I call it Nippon Prep.
Enjoy the Fall/Winter lookbook!



And there it was Pennant heaven, I came across a booth at the Green Flea Market in Manhattan
and met Steven Melillo of Americana Memories . Steven told me that he lives in New Haven, CT and works for Yale University. Every weekend he drives down to the Green Flea Market to sell his collection of framed pennants and beautiful collectibles.

 "A lot of people consider college to be the best time of their lives," says Melillo. "When people see a pennant from when they were in college ... It's an emotional experience."

I bought myself a framed Princeton pennant, that's my way to experience the preppiness of an Ivy League University.

You can find Steven yourself at:
The Green Flea Market
100 West 77th Street
New York



1. A simply patterned necktie adds a fun twist to any plain grey or navy suit.

2. The right frames can change your face in a good way. 

3. For less formal events and dinners, pair a darker wool or tweed jacket with a crisp pair of lighter slacks.

4. Know the right pair of sunglasses for your face.

5. When in doubt, throw on a chunky crew-neck sweater.

6. It's okay to dress down an outfit with sneakers.

7. A plain white T-shirt can look put together.

8. The white oxford is beach uniform.

9. A long overcoat is the best kind of overcoat.

10. Invest in a statement watch.

Here you can find some tips to get as stylish as JFK, and as you can see style has no expiration date.
These style tips will help you every season of every year just adjust them gentle and you will look like a million dollar guy. (via Town & Country)



When I was looking for some "art" to decorated the freshly painted walls of my living room
I found these amazing prints of cities I have been and of cities which are still on my bucket list.
And yesterday the mail dropped me my order of the 4 prints. New York, Chicago, San Fran & Seattle.
The only thing now is frame them.

me&him&you is a design company founded in 2010 by Ronan Dillon and Peter O'Gara based in Dublin City Centre.
These modern, striking, monochrome city prints are part of a series of quirky and humorous 'Open Edition' screen prints, each individually signed in pencil. Each print has pictured the most recognized buildings of the city plus it's most populaire drink.
I can't wait to hit the first nail in the wall to hang them.